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Monday, August 30, 2010


One of the few things I've managed to be proud of in my life, however reluctantly, is my travel photography. I prefer to add that description to it because I am no photographer. I've never taken a photography class, I couldn't develop actual film if life depended on it (you just throw the roll into a vat of acid, right? and then it turns into a picture?) I've never spent more than $250 on a camera. I'm still not sure what an SLR is but I know I want one for some reason. All this to say that I am no real photographer, neither professionally nor amateurly, I don't try to be artsy or unique in anyway. I like to travel to interesting places and take pictures of things that have been photographed ad nauseum since photography was invented long ago by the Greeks (or something). I rarely take pictures of people because I feel awkward doing so. I take pictures of art and architecture mostly, sometimes natural landscapes; churches, mountains, trees, paintings, government buildings, sunsets, life, etc.

Hence the title of my newest blog, "Life, etc." Once a week (or whenever) I will post one of my favorite pictures accompanied with a story or background information on it. Don't expect photography details, shutter rate, lens aperture, and other terms listed on my camera that I don't understand. This blog is about the life of each photo. In short, the life of me.

I begin tomorrow with one of my favorite pictures and stories from my summer abroad in Spain two years ago.

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